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Tetris Games - Everything on Them

Among all the available games existing nowadays on the market, Tetris game counts as the oldest and the most known game. Even now as you read this article, there are millions of kids playing Tetris or even more considering the fact that it has been released as well in its online version. But what has determined this game to become so popular and to many, so addictive?

The rules of this game are quite simple, but it is at the same time very challenging in that many players feel the urge of playing it just for the sake of scoring more than other players. The thing with this game is that at one point while playing, you might have the feeling that you are that close of winning, but then some bad combinations of these four shapes fall and thus managing to ruin your entire edifice. In this way you are tempted to give it one more try promising to yourself that this time you would do better.

The popularity of this game made it be recreated in various other formats than the original type. In this way more options have been added turning the game into an even more intriguing and diverse game. One version that counts among the earliest, is called Hatris.

The original game was invented by Alexy Pajitnov and required the player to create a row of 5 hats that were of the same format. There were various hats falling down on heads, these hats needing to be arranged in the way they would have filled in the empty space. The hats in this version fall without you being able to control their fall.

Super Tetris game comes as another version where you are allowed to play the brick game with new features inserted. Other types of pieces fall from above instead of the traditional bricks, such as bombs, metal bricks, strange shapes of bricks, and so on.

To add up to its difficulty, extra layers keep piling from above so that the area where you are supposed to move freely the pieces becomes narrower. You can make the things much easier for you if you manage to clear out the area at the bottom - in some versions this action will reveal some pornographic pictures.

The types from above are merely some of the versions known to be available as Tetris games that are also easy to access for their online alternative. If you want to try these ones, you can find them available for free having as such the opportunity to find one that is more challenging for your own taste and style of playing.

Many players of all ages are willing to give it a try to Tetris games for the reason that it has simple rules and it confers quite a rewarding feeling whenever you succeed moving to the next level.

New Tetris Screenshot