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These are my favorite 7 vintage games from 80's arcades

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The Past Is Here Again - Retro Games as the Hottest These Days

It seems that the recent years have revived the past in many industries: the first one is counted as the fashion industry, then the music industry and the latest news have revealed the retro games being again on fashion among the ranges of video gamers. If you know yourself a fan for the games of the 80s, those simple ones that created as well a great deal of addiction, you should know that the games producers are looking into releasing on the market new games that have their origins in the old games types.

Let's take a look into these ones:

Bugatro Gold - is a game that revives the idea of the classic space-shooter Galaga game. In this newly and better designed Bugatron you must eliminate the evil creatures that come close to your spaceship while they take various shapes. The graphics are very detailed adding more excitement to the game along with the sound effects that are pretty amazing.

Bricks of Egypt - is based on Arkanoid game, being mostly described as its clone, although the redefining of the old version goes well beyond imitating the bricks busting action. This is because at the creative level, the design is well improved even if there is the presence of a paddle and a ball. The Egyptian theme is the one that has inspired this game's creators to come up with special ways of challenging the players, not to mention the keys that once stricken will reveal new surfaces on the playing board.

Cosmo Bots - has its source of inspiration from the classic games Qix and Jezzball. But more than replicating these games, Cosmo Bots reveals various shapes for each level you play, with 3D graphics, new types of enemies to be defeated and plenty of power-ups.

Star Defender - is designed as a stunning Space Invader clone with its vertical scrolling shooting in space. You play the role of a pilot inside a spaceship that can be controlled by your computer mouse. This game has all the classic features that this type of game classically contains: vibrant graphics, professionally rendered and an original soundtrack.

Dropheads - are some funny characters that one fell in love with back then, and you can also find them loveable in these times. Strange little characters are embarked on board of a ship to explore the seas and you must match them in groups in order to have them sent to look for the treasure. The treasure map can be put together in one piece revealing the place where the loop is hidden.

Alpha Ball - is new comer on the list of classic games remake conceived in 3D graphic and great effects. It has its source in Arkanoid-Breakout type introducing also a new feature such as Suspend Game letting you quit the game at the level you've been playing and being able to return to it at a later time.