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Pacman Game and Its Rules and Strategies

There are many online games available nowadays, but few are that old as Pacman game is. This game is known to be around for more than 30 years and even it is that old it can still make people fall in love with it. It has been also released in its online version and if you look to find free online games, then you can always find a free version of Pacman game.

Playing Pacman involves moving the arrows on your keyboard in order to make Pacman move through that maze and eat the white dots while it has to stay away from four ghosts that come in its way: Pinky, Blinky, Clyde and Inky.

But if Pacman manages to eat some power pills, then it will be able to eat also the ghosts earning some extra points while eating the fruits that pop up occasionally on the board. While power pills are eaten, this action has an effect on the annoying ghosts making them change the color in deep blue while their motion becomes slower. The end of the game arrives whenever the lives for Pacman are lost.

On the other hand, it is also possible to pass through all the 265 levels getting the maximum of points and not losing one life, but this is not that easy to achieve. Of you still one single life left for Pacman, with more attention you will be able to pass from one board to another continuing the play.

Various situations are presented with every change of scenery, such as it is for instance one wherein Blinky chases Pacman away from the board and then return while he gets chased by a giant Pacman. All these extra situations make the Pacman game have a funny approach to the game, inciting curiosity on the next situations that are about to be displayed with every next level.

Players who have more experience in the game have even come up with developing some strategies helping them earn more points. One of them shows Pacman moving smoothly around the corners and before it gets there the cornering begins with great results for the specific level. It is however a subtle strategy that might require some practice but it is quite efficient.

Since ghosts are the ones that kill Pacman lives, you will need to develop strategies to deal with the ghosts. Each of the ghosts has its onw features, such as it is with Blinky which is very fast when it comes to changing directions. The top right of the board is its area and it might help your Pacman if you run away from Blinky, but not in a straight line. Clyde on the other hand is slower and it can be kept away by making evasive moves in the bottom left area of the maze.

As to Inky, this one is slower even than Clyde, but its feature is that it can change its personality in one instant, its area being the right side of the maze. In the middle is actually the safest area for your Pacman, wile the corners and the bottom row are the most dangerous areas that need to be avoided.

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