Old Games 7

These are my favorite 7 vintage games from 80's arcades

Billy Mitchell Pacman

Approaching Pacman Game from a Different Perspective

When it comes to playing video games, many would want to reach to Billy Mitchell's performance, the man who has made history with his 3,333,360 points scored for Pacman game. He has managed to complete all the 256 boards of the game without even losing a single life.

It took him 6 hours of his life to do this, but who knows how many hours of practice lay behind this performance. As with many other things in life that require perseverance and commitment, playing video games is not far from this either. Especially when you plan to play Pacman and reach the above mentioned performance.

At the stage where Billy Mitchell has reached he could have as well continue the playing, but since there weren't any more mazes to be displayed, he just stopped there becoming as such very popular among the Pacman gamers. When this game has been invented, more than 20 years ago, its producers have claimed to make a brand for itself, but maybe they have never imagined back then that this game will turn out to be the most favored and played games among all.

The game came into being in 1980, more precisely when Tohru Iwatami went out to have a pizza and one slice of that pizza was the inspiring moment which brought him the idea of creating Pacman. The game debuted as an arcade game being released by Namco, at present known as Namco Bandai. At its origin, the game is played in this way: the player will direct Pacman through a maze with the purpose to eat all the dots that are included in the maze and then move to the next level.

It might be very simple, only in the maze there are some creatures that are created with the purpose of preventing Pacman to eat all the dots and thus to move to the next level. These creatures are like ghosts that do all their best to take the life away from Pacman whenever this one comes in contact with them. When it does, then the game is over. It has been reported at that time, that Namco has recorded revenues of $100,000,000, while the brand was signed in for contracts with toys, breakfast cereals, furnishing with more than 400 products to be created with this brand.

Along with these products, Pacman game has reached as well the field of mass media with a cartoon broadcast on ABC called The Pacman Show. Not to mention that even a long playing record was released on this theme called Pacman Fever. In 2000 Namco celebrated the 20th anniversary by introducing Pacman World featuring the classic version incorporating new characteristics of the game based on quest play so popular with video games.