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Donkey Kong

A Few Facts On The Old School Donkey Kong Video Game

The age of video games has started a few decades now, and with so many people being drawn towards this type of entertainment, gaming developers has always reached to release on the market better and newer alternatives of the games that are known nowadays as old timers.

One such game is Donkey Kong game that is pretty easy to play still offering a great way of spending your free time in an exciting gaming manner. The characters in this game are a gorilla, a blonde girl that is kidnapped by this gorilla and a plumber hero, Mario, who is on his way of saving this girl.

So, this is the purpose of the game: to rescue the girl from gorilla's 'hands' and while attempting this, Mario will have to come across many obstacles that are put in his way to make him give up his mission. These obstacles come in all sorts of forms, such as barrels that can be passed while climbing a ladder, all these obstacles becoming more difficult in defeating them with every level that the player comes in contact.

The game had its original version of Donkey Kong 1 moving from this stage to newer and more improved formats. This old type was created with various levels that one player had to overcome in order to move on to the next one.

The height of the obstacle for instance starts with 400 m and then increases with each level that the player has to cross. As mentioned above, the first level's obstacles are barrels, while the second level displays platforms that need to be moved, along with melting steel in order to be able to save the blonde beauty.

Level three come with more difficult obstacles to defeat, such as iron beams that are thrown towards Mario to prevent him from advancing. With the fourth level, the main character is confronted with the bad character, gorilla that needs to destroyed while it stays on top of a building. One can do this by shaking the parts of the building foundation. When the game seems to reach to an end, gorilla takes again the blonde girl and goes up on the building.

Throughout this video game performance you can obtain extra points by:

Over time other versions have been released, such as Donkey King 2 and 3 which are also available online if you log on the right links.

Donkey Kong Video Game