Old Games 7

These are my favorite 7 vintage games from 80's arcades

Bubble Bobble

Info on Bubble Bobble - A Classic Game

Fire Bird Gold in a combination with Flying Shark have planned to release through the first two Taito arcade licenses the most popular version of Bubble Bobble. Software Creations have performed the conversions involving the programming team in moving The Sentinel to the Spectrum.

The new version of this video game represents Brontosaurus blowing bubbles having the mission of carrying battles through 100 boards in the purpose of releasing their female-friends from the claws of Baron von Bonner. The baron is guarded in his turn by 6 different types creatures called Bonnie-bo, Benzo, Blubba, Boa-Boa, Bonner and Boris.

The Bubble Bobble classic game shows Bub and Bob blowing bubbles while jumping on the screen to avoid various attacks. Once a creature is enclosed in one of such bubble, it can become harmless. If the bubble is burst, then the bully creature is cast across the screen and while landing it turns into a fruit. If the fruit is chomped, then players get extra points and also other points are gained if more than one bubble is burst simultaneously.

This video game has also various features through which you can increase the excitement, such as it is with:
If this warning is ignored, then the Baron comes into the picture and he might be as well accompanied by his brother in case the playing mode is chosen for two players. The Baron and his brother will chase the Brontosaurus until the latter ones eliminate all the bullies, otherwise they will get eliminated.

The more recent versions of Bubble Bobble video games show this level as pretty hard to complete, sometimes even impossible. But there are however some tricks that can be learned, such as it would be to bounce on the bubbles as they rise.
Bubble Bobble video game is a very exciting game bringing in a lot of fun and very addictive situations. You won't be surprised to find out that many people involved in business field have found their way of relaxing and easing the tension of a hard day work while playing Bubble Bobble game. It is simple in its appearance but once being involved in the game you might find very tough situations to face with.

Software Creations have done it this time with the releasing of this arcade game version managing to include all the features into a somehow tiny capacity of memorizing of one home computer.